GoSecure Programme

Building Cybersecurity Capabilities

In partnership with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Cybersecurity Agency of Singapore (CSA), Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) introduces the GoSecure programme to promote and develop cybersecurity capabilities in local enterprises.

The programme works with local companies to identify security gaps in their information communications and technology (ICT) products and solutions through vulnerability assessment to reduce cybersecurity risks.




  • Build your cybersecurity capabilities by incorporating cybersecurity best practices in your product development
  • Meet the cybersecurity criteria for the SMEs Go Digital Programme
  • Establish greater customer confidence with your products and solutions

What SIT offers?

  • Vulnerability Assessments (VA) for products and solutions
  • Knowledge transfer of Security-by-Design Principles
  • Expertise from SIT faculty
  • Access to SIT students
  • Subsidised fees, starting from $6,500* (*fees may vary on a case-by-case basis)
  • IT professional development or workplace training courses, seminars, and workshops in cybersecurity (charges may apply)


For the programme to achieve success, you, as the company owner, must dedicate at least one local technical engineer to go through the programme, so that this engineer will build cybersecurity capability and transfer the knowledge among your employees. Priority will also be given to first-time applicants for GoSecure.

The following are the eligibility criteria:

  • Your company is Singapore-owned or a Singapore-based ICT company
  • You are the Intellectual Property (IP) owner of your product or solution
  • Your company has a positive net equity, based on your latest financial statement [optional for start-up companies]

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