Applied Research & Innovation Resource

Applied Research & Innovation Resource

Solving Industry-Specific Problems

SIT’s Applied Research, Innovation and Enterprise (ARIE) Division is a one-stop centre for companies and organisations to collaborate with SIT’s faculty, professional officers and students on industry projects and community innovation projects.

Contact us at if you are interested in the following:

  • Industry and Community Projects
  • Business Development Opportunities
  • Innovative projects which can improve social, economic or environmental aspects of a community
Why Partner with SIT?

Domain Expertise

We have a strong team of Professors, Professional Officers and students across five different clusters of specialisation, who are able to support the multi-disciplinary and complex nature of industry problems.

Our areas of specialisation are:

  • Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering and Food Technology
  • Infocomm Technology
  • Health and Social Sciences
  • Design and Specialised Businesses

Learn about our projects:

Let us know your problem statement by filling in the project statement form.

Co-funding with Industry

We tap on both external and internal grants to support our involvement in industry projects.

Project Space & Mentors

We are equipped with laboratories, equipment, tools and dedicated project spaces to support our work with the industry.

Industry-Centric Intellectual Property (IP) Policy

SIT’s industry-centric IP policy allows industry collaborators the possibility to co-own IP generated from collaborations with SIT and to obtain licenses to use such IP.

Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP)

The Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP) is a distinctive feature of SIT-conferred degree programmes.




SIT strives to forge a close relation with the industry and community via applied research project collaborations. Technology, Innovation & Enterprise Division (TIE) facilitates faculty to apply for both internal and external grants.

The internal grant framework that supports the test-bedding of ideas and provides early-stage funding for industry projects that involve faculty and students..

There are 2 internal grants – Seed Funding and Ignition Grant.

For Seed Funding, it allows faculty to test ideas, to jumpstart projects, and illustrate capability to the industry.

For Ignition Grant, collaborators could work with our faculty to address industry-specific challenges and co-fund the projects.

TIE will also assist faculty to develop grant proposals with collaborators, so as to bid for external grants from agencies such as National Research Foundation, National Medical Research Council, Ministry of Education, etc. Collaborators are welcomed to work with our faculty on project proposals that provides customized solutions for industry-specific challenges.

Grantors / Funding Agencies

Grantors and Funding Agencies are welcome to approach us on the following:

  1. Funding and/or engaging SIT to work on specific industry or community issue
  2. Announcement of grant call

Industry Collaboration Projects

Find out more about SIT industry and community project collaborations:

For grants related matters, contact us at


Our Team
Chemical Engineering & Food Technology Cluster

Michele Low, Senior Manager
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Design & Specialised Business Cluster

Joey Cheng, Senior Manager
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Engineering Cluster

Liau Ting Ting, Senior Manager
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Health Science Cluster

Frank Choo, Senior Manager
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Infocomm Technology Cluster

Valerie Wong, Senior Manager
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