Community Innovation – Learn & Act Programme

Community Innovation – Learn & Act Programme

Community i-LEAP provides both faculty and students with the ‘innovating-by-doing’ experience that can impact the community through innovation. Participating faculty and students act as change agents, applying their technology solutions to community issues through team-based collaboration with affected community organisations.

This platform offers support and opportunities for community organisations, social enterprises, start-up companies who have ideas, but often may feel held back in pursuing them due to their resource and capacity constraints. Community i-LEAP integrates problem solving techniques, ideation, design thinking, project work, and relevant local/overseas implementation trip with the ‘innovating-by-doing’ experience.


Project Planning Process

Social/Community Themes

Our interest areas are on the following:

  • Ageing-in-place
  • Children/Youth-at-Risk
  • Community Mental Health and Well-being
  • Environment and Food Wastage Issues
  • Healthcare and Wellness
  • People with Special Needs / Disability
  • Treatment of Wildlife or Domesticated Pets
  • Urban Living and Community Bonding

SIT would like to partner with you to engineer social/community change, both locally and internationally. Please indicate your interest by directly emailing to