We are very keen to work with staff across disciplines to understand how your innovations in teaching are impacting your students’ SIT journey. 

What is Educational Research?

Educational research involves using rigorous scientific research methods to explore educational and learning processes, as well as the institutions and interactions that determine educational outcomes. In other words, information is collected and analysed in a systematic way to understand how learners learn and faculty teach, with the aim of advancing the practice of teaching in higher education.

Why is it Important?

By understanding what goes on in an educational context, we can develop theories, tools and new methods to enhance processes in higher education as a whole. 

Education research also supports innovative teaching and learning by providing evidence of best practices. You may choose to publicise your research, which would help the wider academic community to learn from it and enhance their own teaching practice. Consider engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) where you take on the process of intentional inquiry into one’s own learning, teaching and assessment practices with the intention to enhance those practices and improve the learning of our students.

How We Support You

In any project, faculty will be the Principal Investigator. You will drive the project forward and make final decisions, while we can take on as large (or small) a role as necessary. Our support is customised for you and can take many forms, including:


If you are planning an intervention, or you wish to explore the effectiveness of an existing intervention, we can guide you in developing your research idea and concept.

You can also request our help with the Institutional Review Board process.

Research design

We can assist you with reviewing relevant literature, as well as in research design and methodology. Together, we can decide on the approach, tools and overall direction for your research.

Data collection & analysis

We have significant experience in creating surveys through Qualtrics, designing and conducting interviews, and managing focus group discussions.

We are also ready to support your data analysis using our experience in various techniques.


We may be able to collaborate more closely with you to become co-authors for your research paper, such as by identifying appropriate journals and/or reviewing and editing drafts.

Let’s talk

Start a conversation with CoLEAD’s learning analysts about your innovations and research ideas. We can and want to support you in engaging in your own evidence-based practice.


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