Class Giving 2022

Calling the Class of 2022: Be among the first movers to create an impact together to inspire fellow SITizens!

As the Singapore Institute of Technology’s 10th graduating cohort, this is the moment that you will make institutional history – by pioneering SIT’s very first Class Giving initiative to support your juniors.

To celebrate your graduation, will you consider making a gift of $20.22? Your donation will go towards the SIT Bursary to support financially disadvantaged students at our University. The collective giving by the Class of 2022 will send a strong message of support to your juniors, as well as SIT’s donors and friends.

Come together to start a new tradition!

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    What is Class Giving?

    Class Giving is an annual fundraising initiative through the year, for the year’s graduating cohort to make a collective gift in support of their juniors.

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    What is the SIT Bursary?

    The SIT Bursary, valued at $3,000 each, is one of the most accessible financial aid instruments at SIT that is open to financially disadvantaged students (Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents) who come from households with a monthly per capita income of no more than $850.

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    Why should I give?

    Start your giving journey right here at SIT when you graduate. Your gift will help make education more accessible for fellow SITizens.

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    What are some of the benefits of giving?

    All gifts (of $10 and more) made to SIT are eligible for a 250% tax deduction which can be utilised over 5 years. Your contribution to the Class Giving initiative will be acknowledged on various SIT media.

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    How much should I give?

    A gift of $20.22 will commemorate your graduation year! Though a minimum amount of $10 is encouraged. Tax deduction will apply to gifts of $10 and more. 

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    My gift is small – how will it help?

    Your gift, together with the other gifts from your peers in the Class of 2022, will send a strong message to your juniors, as well as donors and friends of SIT, that SITizens support their own.

Class Giving 2022