Ideas-to-Action: Special Equipment (Laser Engraving and Cutting course)

Ideas-to-Action: Special Equipment (Laser Engraving and Cutting course)

The computer controlled laser engraver and cutter is fast becoming a must-have high-end tool for digital makers, crafters and designers who are working on complex designs. Materials such as wood, acrylic and gray board are easily cut and engraved to achieve the designers’ creations.

Workshop outline

  • Get an introduction to the laser machine and its associated safety aspects.
  • Appreciate examples of innovative laser cut pieces.
  • Explore the design process via working with the free open-source professional computer drawing program Corel Draw to create your master piece.
  • Translate your master piece to the laser cutter and learn the technical aspects of laser engraving and cutting.

What will you get

  • As part of the takeaway, participants will complete a short project to engrave and cut a master piece designed by you.
  • Completion of the course will qualify you to use the Laser cutter in Makerspace (The Catalyst) in the future.

Suitable For

Students or staff who have Completed Bronze colour code (basic Tools) course and keen to work on projects which involves the usage of Laser Engraving and Cutting Equipment at The Catalyst. All equipment, examples and materials are provided, and you can bring your own laptop, drawings, images and materials if you wish. You might want to bring a USB stick to take away any files you create during the day. The course is available to all SIT User and the group size is limited to eight places to allow for individual attention and time on the laser.


Course Details

Course Date: Jan 2018 (Dates to be confirmed)

TIme: 1.30pm to 3pm

Venue: SIT@Dover, The Catalyst (Academic Plaza, SR1A)

Duration: 1h 30min