WSDeg – Naval Architecture

This programme is open to both SIT pre-employment and in-employment upgraders. The programme will be delivered in the 'Term-In/Term-Out' mode, where students alternate between spending one to three trimesters in university and at the workplace.

Pre-employment students would be able to gain real work experience through institutional learning and on-the-job training in close collaboration with our industry partners. These work experiences could eventually lead to a job position with the respective supporting industry partners upon graduation.

In-employment upgraders would gain valuable deep skill sets, and as a result, increase their competencies at work. This would contribute to their career progression and allow them to meet their aspiration of obtaining a recognised degree.

The curriculum follows closely with that of the standard degree programme, and provides a more in-depth experience through close collaboration between academia and industry.

For more information on the programme, please view our Naval Architecture programme page.

Programme Structure

Naval Architecture

Note: WSDeg students are required to return to their sponsoring companies for Industry Induction (II), Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP), and Capstone Project.


  • Newly matriculated and Year 1 students in SIT
  • In-Employment Applicants, please refer to our Admission Requirements for more information.

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