Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about SIT Alumni Benefits and Services.

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    Who are SIT Alumni and how to become one?

    SIT Alumni are graduates of SIT who have been conferred degrees by SIT or by SIT’s Overseas University partners. There is no need to apply to become an SIT Alumnus ̶ you automatically become one upon graduation (having satisfied the criteria for graduation set by the Registrar’s Office). This alumni status is for life and it comes with exclusive benefits and services.

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    What benefits and services do SIT alumni enjoy?
    • SIT Alumni Card: Upon your graduation, you will receive a personalised SIT Alumni Card, which identifies you as an SIT alumnus. You can use it to register for alumni events. The SIT Alumni Card is also a NETS Flash Pay Card as well as an EZ-Link card. It is free-of-charge and comes with a stored value of $5 compliments of SIT.

    • Free-for-life SIT email: Accessible anywhere, with 50GB mailbox space.

    • SITizen: A free quarterly e-newsletter specially created for SIT Alumni. A digital issue is sent to your free-for-life SIT email account inbox every February, May, August and November.

    • Exclusive invitations to events organised by the SIT Alumni Networks (look out for them in your free-for-life SIT email account inbox):

      • The SIT Alumni Career Network organises talks and workshops to support your personal and professional development at the workplace.

      • The SIT Alumni Leisure Network organises a range of events which cater to varied interests (such as the Alumni Movie Night), and where you can take part in your favourite leisure activities together with fellow SITizens.

      • The SIT Alumni Sports Network organises a variety of sports activities, where you can play with or against other alumni associations – and stay fit while doing it.

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    How does SIT protect its alumni data?

    Under Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), SIT is committed to keeping your personal information private and confidential. The information you have provided will be used only for SIT’s communication with you as its alumnus and to help us serve you better in the planning of alumni services and programmes. Click here to access SIT’s Data Protection Policy.

    Please note that photographs, sound and video recordings may be taken during events organised by the SIT Advancement & Alumni Division, and published on SIT’s website, in its written publications, including without limitation, marketing materials which may be disclosed or disseminated to third parties or otherwise made publicly available for the purposes of SIT performing its duties as an autonomous university.

    If you have any queries, wish to restrict data sharing including use for marketing or do not want to be contacted by SIT, please inform the Advancement & Alumni Division at

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    How can I access my transcript, Record of Achievements (ROA) or SIT certificate?

    You can request for a copy of your transcript, Record of Achievements (ROA) or SIT certificate by writing to the SIT Registrar’s Office at:

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    How can I get in touch with a fellow alumnus/SITizen?

    Write in to with your details together with the full name of the fellow alumnus you would like to reconnect with. The SIT Advancement & Alumni Division will write to the alumnus on your behalf. In the process, we will not disclose the personal information of our alumni to any party without seeking prior consent.

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    Can I make use of the facilities at the SIT@Dover and SIT@Poly buildings?
    • The Student Activity Centre (SAC) at SIT@Dover is accessible to alumni.
    • By making an appointment with the Library (, you may use the library computer terminals at SIT@Dover to access Library e-resources.
    • Discussion Rooms and Student Lounges at SIT@Dover campus and SIT@Poly Buildings may be made available for alumni use, subject to availability.
    • Gym 1 located at the Student Activity Centre is available for alumni use for a nominal membership fee.
    • To request for the use of Discussion Rooms, Student Lounges and Gym 1, please write to with your full name, degree programme, contact number, 16-digit CAN ID on your SIT Alumni Card, and other relevant details.
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    How can I give back to SIT?

    There are plenty of ways for you to give back to SIT – you can share your experience with current students and help them navigate university life and beyond. You can also make monetary contributions to SIT. Contact us at or 6592 2129/6592 2114 to find out more about the ways you can give back.