Building on the dynamic diversity of SITizens, SIT offers fun-filled opportunities for alumni networking and interaction to connect our graduates from across SIT-conferred degree programmes, Overseas University partner degree programmes, and all academic clusters.

SIT Alumni Mentoring Programme

SIT Alumni Mentoring Programme

Get ready for the SIT Alumni Mentoring Programme which brings together SITizens, both alumni and students! Expect to foster personal and professional growth, exchange knowledge, skill-sets and perspectives through mentorships.

This 6-month long programme begins in March 2021 and is open to SIT alumni and current SIT students (Year 2 and above).

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SIT Alumni Networks

Alumni Career Network

The SIT Alumni Career Network organises talks and workshops to support alumni’s personal and professional development so that they can succeed at the workplace. These include Personality Workshops which explore one’s self-development using MBTI® and Financial Literacy Workshops, which help alumni in planning for their financial security.

Alumni Leisure Network

The SIT Alumni Leisure Network organises a range of events and activities which cater to the varied interests of alumni, where you can enjoy your favourite leisure activities together with fellow SITizens. Past events include the Lip Balm & Salt Scrub Workshop where alumni made their own lip balms and scrubs with natural ingredients, the Coffee Appreciation Workshop, and the annual Alumni Movie Night.

Alumni Sports Network

The SIT Alumni Sports Network organises a variety of sports activities, where you can play with or against other alumni – and stay fit while doing it. Look forward to Captain's Ball, Futsal, Frisbee and more with fellow alumni and current students.

Catch up on the latest happenings at SIT with these byte-sized stories.

Mapletree Prize Presentation Ceremony

The Mapletree Challenge 2020 Prize Presentation Ceremony... At Long Last!

Six finalist teams gather to celebrate eight months after announcement of results.

Keeping Alight a Legacy to Nurture Future Nurses

Keeping Alight a Legacy to Nurture Future Nurses

Thanks to an endowed gift from the Estate of Irene Tan Liang Kheng, a permanent Scholarship has been established at SIT to support talented Nursing students through the entire course of their studies.

Ang Xu Kai

Detected: A Sense of Achievement

Valedictorian Ang Xu Kai shares his journey from classroom to the imaging room, meeting the demand for healthcare workers at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alumni Mentoring Programme Cycle 2

Connecting Students and Alumni Beyond Campus Walls

The SIT Alumni Mentoring Programme now enters its second cycle, successfully pairing 50 mentees with 45 mentors.

Resin Cheeseboard workshop

Pour Your Art Out

SITizens get creative and experimental with resin art on cheeseboards at the Resin Cheeseboard Workshop, organised by the SIT Alumni Leisure Network.

Alumni Champions at CS:GO

Back to Play at SIT Inter-Cluster Games 2021

Alumni form their own cluster for the first time; Health and Social Sciences Cluster regains its championship title.

SIT Alumni Benefits and Services

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To find out more about alumni events, benefits and services, or to contribute a story idea to SITizen (the alumni newsletter) and for any other alumni related queries, please contact us at:

Advancement & Alumni Division
Singapore Institute of Technology
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SIT@Dover, 10 Dover Drive
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