All successful applicants who have accepted SIT's offers are required to complete the matriculation process before commencing their postgraduate studies in SIT.

To complete the pre-matriculation exercise, please refer to the MATRICULATION GUIDE.

Important Dates and Deadlines to note

1. For AY2020/2021 intake, the pre-matriculation package will be sent to students from 27 July 2020 onwards.

If you have not received the email by the above deadlines, please e-mail to retrieve your Student ID and password before starting the pre-matriculation exercise:

2.    AY2020/AY2021 Pre-Matriculation Exercise – A Step by Step Process Guide can be found in the matriculation guide above. Students are reminded to complete all the steps mentioned in the guide STRICTLY WITHIN THE DEADLINES below:




Step 1: Account Activation

Complete this step as soon as possible (within a week of receiving your matriculation packages) as you will only be able to proceed with the below steps once your account is activated

Step 2: Online Pre-Matriculation Declaration & Photo Submission   

18 August 2020

Step 3: Matriculation Fees Payment

18 August 2020

Step 4: Submission of Compulsory Forms   

18 August 2020

Step 5: Setting up student bank account

18 August 2020


Tuition Fee Loan (TFL)

By 15 November 2020

Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) – Standing Order Only

  • Standing Order: 1 Month before billing commences.

Ad-Hoc Withdrawal: After the release of the Final Fee Statement to students.

Step 7: Skills Future Credit

60 days before the semester or trimester start date of the course till the day of the semester or trimester commences

Step 8: Module/Course enrolment

Students who are required to do module registration will receive a notification email closer to date to login IN4SIT to check their scheduled module registration date and time.

Step 9: Collection of Matriculation Card  

 To be confirmed

Contact Us

Please contact us at if you need any assistance regarding matriculation. 

Withdrawal Policy

Applicants who have NOT matriculated

Should you wish to withdraw from SIT before the matriculation process is completed, email and state your reason(s) for withdrawal to Admissions Office

Students who HAVE matriculated

For students who have completed the matriculation exercise and have been officially matriculated into SIT, please refer to the Student Intranet for more information on the withdrawal process and implications.

Students enrolled into SIT Conferred and Joint-Degree Programmes are required to refer to the academic guide for the withdrawal application closing dates and the impact on grading.

For any clarifications please contact the Registrar’s Office at 6592 2091 or email