Active Learning

Once you enter SIT, you’ll be supported by an ecosystem of applied learning resources to help you actively learn. 

Freshmen Support

Everyone is a unique individual. Develop your own learning style to cope with university life. AdventureLEARN is a gamified micro-learning platform that we have developed for freshmen, with the goal of helping them learn better in their journey with the university. It aims to develop students in four key areas or learning traits, which researchers have identified as crucial for effective learning to take place. These include Approaches to Learning and Studying, Well-Being, Grit and Resilience, and Mindset. 

Remote video URL


Our library is big on electronic materials. 99% of the resources are accessible online, anytime, and anywhere.

Explore the self-help online Course Subject Guides, created by the librarians, in collaboration with faculty, and tailored to the course requirements. You can discover quality resources that are relevant to the degree programmes and develop information literacy skills. 

The Course Subject Guides:
•    Highlight research tools such as databases and websites relevant to the subject
•    Provide instructions and tips on conducting efficient and effective research
•    Offer guidance on citation styles, creating bibliographies and reference management tools like Endnote and Mendeley  
•    Quick contact links to the Library for assistance.


There is a variety of mentorship programmes available for our students.

Career Coaching 
Peer-to-peer mentoring