Academic Policies

The SIT Academic Policies apply to undergraduate, postgraduate, and other credit-bearing programmes offered by SIT and those jointly offered by SIT with Overseas University (OU) partners. These policies are in accordance to the university’s education philosophy to produce work-ready graduates imbued with the SIT DNA.

Teaching and Learning

Effective learning and teaching involve a partnership between students and the university. SIT aspires to foster a student-centric culture by ascribing the highest importance to providing high-quality learning experiences and outcomes for all students. SIT is committed to providing applied learning experiences that foster the development of the SIT-DNA.

Assessment has a significant influence on teaching and student’s learning; selection and progression decisions; quality assurance and accountability. SIT is committed to upholding assessment processes that are consistent with its institutional educational goals.

SIT is also committed to providing global experience opportunities for students to enrich their global education through a sustainable partnership of network with world-class partners. It is our endeavour that no students shall be denied access to overseas education opportunities with SIT’s partner due to financial constraints.