Reimagining Education as an Applied Learning University

SIT’s Punggol campus is set to transform Punggol North into a vibrant economic and learning hub.

As an integral part of Punggol Digital District, we are supporting the development of the digital economy. Our students will be trained to work on real-world business problems, in active integration with the industry, thereby increasing their job readiness. 

We are redefining the university experience. Specially designed to integrate with industry and community in the north-east region of Singapore, our new campus will strengthen our ability to deliver an industry-focused, applied learning education for our students. 

We are a smart and sustainable university. Powered by Internet of Things, the campus-wide sensor network system is automated, and our electricity is generated using a multi-energy MicroGrid system. Industry partners can leverage SIT as a ‘living lab’, using our open innovation ecosystem to pilot and test their prototypes in a real-life environment. 

Accessible to the community, we are connected to the future Punggol Coast MRT station, so residents can head to the Market Village for retail and dining options by the waterfront. Nature lovers will enjoy the Heritage Walk, a 1.3km green link that conserves the forest along the old Punggol Road.  

Our new campus is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by 2024. It will be a campus that is porous, interconnected and facilitates interaction between learning, industry, and community.


Campus Zoning

The visionaries behind SIT's centralised campus in Punggol are the teams from WOHA Architects and RSP Architects Planners & Engineers. 

The West Zone, designed by WOHA as a ’Campus-in-a-Park‘, is characterised by a forested courtyard and surrounded by academic buildings. 

The East Zone, designed by RSP Architects, adopts green technologies, with two of the buildings certified as Super Low Energy buildings. It faces Coney Island and the Ho Bee Auditorium and an indoor sports hall will be located here.

    About West Zone

    Designed by WOHA Architects, the West Zone is a “Campus-in-a-Park". Buildings in West Zone are organised as a chain of buildings, encompassing a lush forest courtyard which forms the community park. You can find the library, Node (a large public forum) and the Hatchery building here.

    West Zone Principal Architect - WOHA Architects

    WOHA founders
    WOHA’s founding directors, Richard Hassell and Mun Summ Wong (left to right). Credits: Studio Periphery
    “We conserved 1.7Ha of the existing forest and designed a “Campus-in-the-Park", that is characterised by memorable place-making nodes and biophilic learning environments for students to enjoy and delight in.” - Mr Wong Mun Summ, Founding Director of WOHA

    The West Zone of SIT's Punggol campus, located in the Punggol Digital District, is uniquely endowed with an existing secondary forest. The design capitalises on this green site asset by integrating its learning environments with biophilic indoor-outdoor tropical spaces.

    To forge an imageable “Campus-in-a-Park” identity, the academic blocks are organised as a chain of buildings encompassing the central forest courtyard that is transformed into an accessible Community Park. This serves as the heart of SIT, contributing to a strong sense of place that is characterised by memorable nodes for learning, interaction, recreation and rejuvenation.

    Facts and Figures

    9.0 ha


    West Zone 4.8 hectares
    East Zone 4.2 hectares



    West Zone - W1 Library, W2 Link Bridge, W3 Academic Block, W4 Link Bridge, W5 Academic Block, W6 Hatchery

    East Zone - E1 Administration Block, E2 Academic Block, E3 Auditorium, E4 Super Low Energy Food Court, E5 Super Low Energy Multi-purpose Hall, E6 Academic Block


    Library, Node @Level 1, Ho Bee Auditorium, Event Halls, Exhibition Space, Project Hubs, Maker Spaces, Media Studio, Food & Beverage and Amenities, Visitor Centre, Student Activities Centre, Recording Studios, Multi-purpose halls, Function rooms


    Superlab, Lectorial, ACE Room (Seminar Room), District cooling system (teaching lab).


    About East Zone

    Designed by RSP, the East Zone faces Coney Island. Buildings in the East Zone are designed to tap on green technologies, ranging from natural daylight harvesting to solar panels. You can find the Super Low Energy buildings, Ho Bee Auditorium, and an indoor sports hall here.

    East Zone Principal Architect – RSP 

    Suen Wee Kwok, Director, RSP
    Suen Wee Kwok, Director, RSP 
    “At the end of the day, what will remain imprinted on the students’ minds is the campus experience and interaction they have with their friends outside of the classroom.” - Suen Wee Kwok, Director, RSP

    The East Zone was designed with the concept of a courtyard in mind — to create a fluid learning and campus experience. We placed emphasis on creating spaces that promote interaction and participation, through the inclusion of many big and small courtyards with different hard and soft landscape. These conducive spaces become natural centrifugal forces that bring people together to foster an exchange of ideas and for learning to take place, even outside of the classrooms.

    Facts and Figures

    4.2 ha


    E1 Administration Block, E2 Academic Block, E3 Auditorium, E4 Super Low Energy Food Court, E5 Super Low Energy Multi-Purpose Hall, E6 Academic Block



    E1 Administration Block, E2 Academic Block, E3 Auditorium, E4 Super Low Energy Food Court, E5 Super Low Energy Multi-Purpose Hall, E6 Academic Block



    Administration Offices, Faculty Offices, Staff Lounge, Project Hubs, Maker Spaces, Food & Beverage and Amenities, Recording Studios, Auditorium, Multi-Purpose Halls with Recreational Facilities



    Lectorial, ACE Room (Seminar Room)


    Construction Updates

    Labour shortages among the migrant worker population and the disruption of the supply chain continue to be a challenge for the construction sector in Singapore. However, with the support from various government agencies in cushioning the impact of the pandemic, as well as strong stewardship and delicate planning from the SIT team, the construction of the SIT Punggol campus is picking up steadily. SIT is also working closely with the neighbouring developer, JTC Corporation, to streamline construction processes, such as joint excavation, to catch up on the time lost.

    Construction Site Gallery

    West Zone - Apr to Jun 2021
    West Zone - Site progress from Apr to Jun 2021.
    East Zone - Jan to Mar 2021
    East Zone - Site progress from Apr to Jun 2021.
    West Zone - Jan to Mar 2021
    West Zone - Site progress from Jan to Mar 2021.
    East Zone - Jan to Mar 2021
    East Zone - Site progress from Jan to Mar 2021.
    SIT West Zone
    West Zone - Site progress from Oct to Dec 2020.
    East Zone - Site in 2020
    East Zone - Site progress from Oct to Dec 2020.
    SIT Punggol West Zone Mar 2020
    West Zone - Site in end-Mar 2020 (before Circuit Breaker)
    SIT Punggol East Zone Mar 2020
    East Zone - Site in end-Mar 2020 (before Circuit Breaker)
    Jan to Mar 2021

    Universal Design Award
    The Singapore Institute of Technology campus at Punggol North has attained the BCA Universal Design (UD) Mark GoldPLUS (Design) Award 2020. The user-friendly campus made up of Campus Heart and Campus Court are both under construction. The BCA UD Mark is a voluntary certification scheme launched in October 2012 to recognise UD adoption in developments. It is awarded to developers who adopt a user-centric philosophy in their design, operations and maintenance. It also aims to raise greater public awareness of user-friendly buildings.

    New Hoardings
    New hoarding panels featuring the artist impression of SIT’s New Campus were installed.

    1. chevron--up
      Oct to Dec 2020

      Temporary Workers Accommodation
      In a bid to protect the workers from the spread of Covid-19, temporary workers accommodation were erected to house the workers dedicated to the project on-site. 

    2. chevron--up
      Jul to Sep 2020

      Gradual Resumption of Construction Works
      SIT’s contractors had met the mandatory COVID-Safe restart criteria’s – Safe Workforce; Safe Worksite; and Safe Worker Accommodation and Transport to restart work on site.

      Hoarding designs from students
      The winning hoarding designs entries and all other submissions from the hoarding design competition were put up.

    3. chevron--up
      Jan to Jun 2020

      Circuit Breaker
      All construction work halted, as part of the Government’s Circuit Breaker measures to minimise further spread of the virus.

      Precautionary Measures for COVID-19
      Health and temperature screening points were set up on-site, in line with the precautionary measures announced by the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Manpower.

      Construction Hoardings
      Construction hoardings that demarcate the site boundaries were put up.

    4. chevron--up
      Sep to Dec 2019

      Post Groundbreaking
      The site for the new campus was cleared for piling works.

      Construction work started after the groundbreaking ceremony (10 September 2019, officiated by Guest-of-Honour, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong).

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