Exploiting Distributed GEneration (EDGE) Grant Call

Exploiting Distributed GEneration (EDGE) Grant Call


Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)'s grant call on Exploiting Distributed Generation (EDGE) is now open for application. This grant call aims to catalyse applied research and development (R&D) in industry-relevant areas which would enhance the adoption and exploitation of distributed power generation in Singapore.

To achieve this goal, there is a need to:


  1. Enhance Singapore’s power engineering capabilities, focusing on micro-grids and distributed energy resources through open grant calls to support collaborative research between Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) and the industry. Areas include micro-grid energy management systems, control and optimization; interconnected micro-grids design and probabilistic grid planning; and heterogeneous power quality.
  2. Consolidate and build up Singapore Institute of Technology’s (SIT) capabilities in power engineering and micro-grids to create a micro-grid testbed infrastructure at SIT Punggol* and Pulau Ubin – allowing technologies developed in Singapore to be validated in real-world conditions, bridging the chasm between R&D and commercialisation.



SIT invites submission of proposals for R&D projects that will strengthen and develop new capabilities for Singapore’s power systems and energy markets through the use of technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Through extensive consultation of industry players, institutes of higher learning and research institutes, several problem statements were identified and clustered into three domain areas for this grant call. Selected problem statements (i.e. non-exhaustive) are listed below for reference. Interested parties are welcomed to propose other problem statements that meet the grant call’s objectives.

* SIT’s Campus Micro-grid, when ready in 2023, will be a national infrastructure, open to industry and academia for research, development and demonstration (RD&D) purposes.

Problem Statements

Interconnected Micro-grids Architecture Design and Probabilistic Planning

Developing the most optimal structure and topology for interconnecting the micro-grids and probabilistic method that considers cost, voltage and frequency of interconnection, economics and stability of micro-grids with variable renewable energy sources and energy storage.

i. How can we develop the most optimal structure and topology for the grid of the future using micro-grids?

ii. How can we seed the evolution of grid planning for deterministic to probabilistic reliability criteria using micro-grid test-bed as a starting module?

Differentiated Services / Heterogeneous Power Quality 

Developing different technologies and methodologies on the micro-grid to cater to loads with heterogeneous power quality needs in the most economical way.

i. Propose an economic analysis for meeting requirements of sensitive loads by local provision of high-quality power through heterogeneous power vs increasing quality of universal homogeneous supply stream.

ii. How can we seed the evolution of power system which differentiates power quality based on requirements of society and the digital economy using micro-grids as a modular use case?

Micro-grid optimisation (w.r.t. the electricity market) and Energy Management

Developing micro-grid control system and strategy for multiple interconnected micro-grids that ensures economic and reliability benefits.

i. How can we demonstrate economic and reliability benefits of optimisation methods on micro-grid through the use of smart control systems and data analytics.

ii. How do we develop reliable control and manage reverse power flow (e.g. injecting electricity into the main grid) to cater for the growth of distributed generation in Singapore.

Additional Information

Further information on the funding support, eligibility information, submission process and evaluation criteria can be found in the attached Request for Proposal document.

For further enquiries on this Grant Call, please email: EDGE@Singaporetech.edu.sg