ʋArm, the VR Armskate Rehab Device

Multi-Disciplinary Research Collaboration
Usability Study
Usability Study
Multi-Disciplinary Research Collaboration
Top: New Armskate vs Old Armskate
Top: New Armskate vs Old Armskate

Project Background

In partnership with METTA’s Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly, our team of faculty and students aims to design an armskate device that infuses gamification to motivate post-stroke survivors to regain their upper limb mobility through rehabilitation. This multi-disciplinary team adopts a user-centric approach in the design process,  designing ʋArm by inputting a Virtual Reality (VR) game in the armskate device. In the game, users undertake gravity-assisted reaching tasks, performed on a table using ʋArm. This fun engagement helps to stimulate cognitive senses, improve social interaction between users, and increase their compliance to the therapy regime.

The Team

  1. Assoc Prof Agnes Xue, Business, Communication and Design, Principal Investigator
  2. Assoc Prof Desmond Chong, Engineering, Co-Principal Investigator
  3. Assoc Prof Alfred Tan, Engineering, Co-Principal Investigator
  4. Asst Tim Xu, Health and Social Sciences, Co-Principal Investigator
  5. Yeo Wan Jun, Professional Officer (AY16/17)
  1. Lim Pei Jin (AY16/17 SIT and –Glasgow School of Art Year 4 ID)
  2. Kong Zhong Rong (AY16/17 SIT and –University of Glasgow MDE FYP)
  3. Ong Xin Ying (AY16/17 SIT OT Year 1)
  4. Megan Lau (AY16/17 SIT OT Year 1)