The following are awarded research projects involving HSS Faculty.

External Grant:

FY Title PI Co-I Funding Agency Duration (Mths)
2017 Bio-Inspired hip protector based on exo-skeleton of mantis shrimp   Benjamin Soon MOE (TIF) 24
2016 Do Physical Functions in Nursing Home Residents Change During Their Stay   Alan Wong Agency for Integrated Care Pte Ltd (AIC) 18

SIT Ignition Grant:

FY Title PI Co-I Duration (Mths)
2018 Integrated Rehabilitation Parallel Bars and Staircases Meredith Yeung   12
Virtual Reality Mobility Training (VRMT) For Physiotherapy Benjamin Soon   12
2017 Automated Multi-Objective Nurse Scheduling System   Chen Xiaorong Mary 12
Scam Prevention Jiow Hee Jhee   12
How computer gaming affects the brain health of post-stroke patients? ​ ​ Wong Boon Seng

Andy Lee

Tim Xu

Angela Papadimitriou

2016 Arm Skate Rehab Device for Post-Stroke Exercise   Tim Xu 12
Protection Motivation Theory Based Digital Media Security Programmes Jiow Hee Jhee   12
Hand Hygiene Reminder and Monitoring System   Genedine Lim 12
2015 Improving access to private ambulances - a health services-centric study   Eric Chua 12
Video Game Repository for Parents Jiow Hee Jhee   12

SIT Cluster Seed Grant:

FY Title PI Co-I Duration (Mths)
FY18 – August Grant Call Understanding capabilities, opportunities and motivation to reduce sitting time and sedentary behavior in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease post-exacerbation Muhammad Rahizan Zainuldin Mark Anthony Chan 12
A Qualitative Study to Explore the Attitudes, Behaviours and Experiences of Commuters on Shared Paths (SP) in Singapore Jade Soh Alan Wong 12
The normal width of the linea alba in a Singaporean nulliparous population Edwina Rigby Tarek Mohamad Mohamad Abdelkader 12
An exploration of muscle activation pattern during inverted row exercise Edwin Lim Alan Wong 12
Factors affecting exercise adherence in older people with a risk of falling in Singapore Bernadine Teng   12
​​​​​​FY18 – May Grant Call The Lived Professional Identities of New Nursing Graduates across the Boundaries of Communities of Practice Mary Chen Xiaorong   ​12
​Annual Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Survey (AMPS) ​ ​ ​Anthony Goff ​ ​

Jason Choi

Benjamin Soon

Edwina Rigby

A warning, assisting and reminding mobile application (WARMA) for active mobility, safe traffic environment in the community-dwelling older adults Yeh Ting Ting Kent Lam (ICT) 12
Age-Specific Normative Reference Values for the Incremental Shuttle Walk Test in a Healthy Singaporean Population Meredith Yeung Clement Yan 12
Incorporating Brain-Computer-Interface Games (BCI) to Cognitive Remediation for Persons With Schizophrenia-a Pilot Study Tan Bhing Leet   ​12
3D reconstruction of knee joint and wrist joint using CT scan data followed by 3D printing of these joints ​ Ponnampalam Gopalakrishnakone ​

Ooi Chin Chin

Desmond Chong (Eng)