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Welcome to the Centre of Health Sciences Research and Innovation (CHeSRI).

The CHeSRI is set up within the Health and Social Sciences Cluster in 2017, as a strategic initiative to consolidate all health and social sciences research activities within the University. Since 2011, the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) has been offering health sciences programmes, particularly nursing and allied health.

SIT became the 5th autonomous public university in 2014. In 2016, the new university launched the pre-registration allied health programmes of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, diagnostic radiography and radiation therapy. The university has grown its health and social sciences faculty strength, from fewer than three to today’s more than 40 members whose expertise includes various allied health specialties and basic sciences. One of our strategic directions is to develop a coherent applied research agenda that aims to demonstrate clinical effectiveness of allied health and nursing services, improve patient care and promotes healthy living, including healthy ageing.

We invite scholars and researchers who have interest in health sciences to collaborate with us in applied research. There is also opportunity to work with students in their Honours research projects. In these pages you will also see the resources available at our University to support applied research. We hope you find our website helpful.

Best wishes
Prof Alan Wong


Study finds stroke survivors inactivity extend beyond a lack of motivation

Study finds stroke survivors inactivity extend beyond a lack of motivation

The Study team looked at barriers to physical activity faced by 38 stroke survivors from the Singapore National Stroke Association (SNSA), from June 2019 to December 2019.

Usability Study

ʋArm, the VR Armskate Rehab Device

In partnership with METTA’s Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly, our team of faculty and students aims to design an arm-skate device that infuses gamification, to motivate post-stroke survivors to regain their upper limb mobility through rehabilitation.

Final prototype

A Smart Knee Brace to Assist Elderly in Sit-to-Stand Tasks

For many seniors, prolonged sitting or bed rest can lead to weakness in their quadriceps muscles, making it harder for them to perform basic daily tasks, such as sit-to-stand (STS) movements.

Healthcare provider wearing RFID tag standing in close proximity activates the RFID reminder indicator and captures identify of healthcare provider

RFID-based Reminder System to Improve Infection Control Compliance

Adherence to the five moments of hand hygiene is required by healthcare professionals while attending to their patients.

Second generation prototype – the use of piston vacuum pump

Portable Medical-Grade Suctioning Device

Airway suctioning devices can be lifesaving during critical situations.

Final Report Presentation at Kingmaker Consultancy Pte Ltd.

Video Game Repository for Parents

A study, conducted by Choo et. al. (2010), showed that approximately 9% of video gamers in Singapore, the fifth highest in the world, demonstrate pathological symptoms.


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    External Grant
    FYTitleCo-IFunding AgencyDuration (Mths)
    2017Bio-Inspired hip protector based on the exoskeleton of mantis shrimpBenjamin SoonMOE (TIF)24
    2016Do Physical Functions in Nursing Home Residents Change During Their StayAlan WongAgency for Integrated Care Pte Ltd (AIC)18
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    SIT Ignition Grant
    FYTitlePICo-IDuration (Mths)
    2018Integrated Rehabilitation Parallel Bars and StaircasesMeredith Yeung 12
    Virtual Reality Mobility Training (VRMT) For PhysiotherapyBenjamin Soon 12
    2017Automated Multi-Objective Nurse Scheduling System Chen Xiaorong Mary12
    Scam PreventionJiow Hee Jhee 12
    How computer gaming affects the brain health of post-stroke patients? ​ ​Wong Boon Seng

    Andy Lee

    Tim Xu

    Angela Papadimitriou

    2016Arm Skate Rehab Device for Post-Stroke Exercise Tim Xu12
    Protection Motivation Theory-Based Digital Media Security ProgrammesJiow Hee Jhee 12
    Hand Hygiene Reminder and Monitoring System Genedine Lim12
    2015Improving access to private ambulances - a health services-centric study Eric Chua12
    Video Game Repository for ParentsJiow Hee Jhee 12
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    SIT Cluster Seed Grant
    FYTitlePICo-IDuration (Mths)
    FY18 – August Grant CallUnderstanding capabilities, opportunities and motivation to reduce sitting time and sedentary behaviour in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease post-exacerbationMuhammad Rahizan ZainuldinMark Anthony Chan12
    A Qualitative Study to Explore the Attitudes, Behaviours and Experiences of Commuters on Shared Paths (SP) in SingaporeJade SohAlan Wong12
    The normal width of the linea alba in a Singaporean nulliparous populationEdwina RigbyTarek Mohamad Mohamad Abdelkader12
    An exploration of muscle activation pattern during inverted row exerciseEdwin LimAlan Wong12
    Factors affecting exercise adherence in older people with a risk of falling in SingaporeBernadine Teng 12
    ​​​​​​FY18 – May Grant CallThe Lived Professional Identities of New Nursing Graduates across the Boundaries of Communities of PracticeMary Chen Xiaorong ​12
    ​Annual Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Survey (AMPS) ​ ​​Anthony Goff ​ ​

    Jason Choi

    Benjamin Soon

    Edwina Rigby

    A warning, assisting and reminding mobile application (WARMA) for active mobility, safe traffic environment in the community-dwelling older adultsYeh Ting TingKent Lam (ICT)12
    Age-Specific Normative Reference Values for the Incremental Shuttle Walk Test in a Healthy Singaporean PopulationMeredith YeungClement Yan12
    Incorporating Brain-Computer-Interface Games (BCI) to Cognitive Remediation for Persons With Schizophrenia-a Pilot StudyTan Bhing Leet ​12
    3D reconstruction of the knee joint and wrist joint using CT scan data followed by 3D printing of these joints ​Ponnampalam Gopalakrishnakone ​

    Ooi Chin Chin

    Desmond Chong (Eng)


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