SITLEARN Professional Development

At SITLEARN Professional Development, we develop industry-relevant, authentic learning experiences that help working professionals connect the dots between theory and real-world application. Developed in consultation with industry, our portfolio of continuing education programmes provides you with:

  • Industry-centred training
  • A platform to learn by doing
  • The opportunity to forge networks throughout your lifetime

Our Programmes

SITLEARN Open Programmes
SITLEARN Custom Programmes

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About SITLEARN Professional Development

SITLEARN Professional Development was established out of a commitment to help working professionals in Singapore develop to their fullest potential. We provide a platform for organisations, particularly in niche industries, to continuously renew the skills of their talent and ensure the sustainability of business goals.

Industry-Focused Programmes

At SITLEARN Professional Development, all of our programmes reinforce the university's mission: to develop individuals who can impact society in meaningful ways. When you embark on any of our courses, you will discover that they have been carefully designed with industry in mind – backed by a unique pedagogy that prepares you to make your own unique contribution back to society.

Applied Learning

If you learn best by solving problems that address a genuine need, then an SITLEARN Professional Development programme is the platform for you. Depending on your course, you may be expected to work in teams to develop a real-world project, conduct market research, or visit a company in your industry.

Engaging Teaching Faculty

All SITLEARN Professional Development programmes are taught by university faculty experts who are passionate about applied education and dedicated to creating a truly engaging learning environment. Our faculty frequently partners with industry speakers, companies, as well as other leading academic institutions to provide you with a holistic insider’s view into the industry.

Our Team
Robin Ngan

Robin Ngan
Deputy Director

Keith Ho

Keith Ho
Assistant Director

Ivy Wong

Ivy Wong

Nur Liyana Binte Ismail

Nur Liyana Binte Ismail
Assistant Manager