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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Game Design

This degree combines coursework in computer science, including writing computer programmes in core languages such as C and C++, with a solid grounding in the humanities, social sciences, and fundamentals of art. This programme exposes students to a variety of tools and processes used by professional designers, including proprietary scripting languages, level and map editors, databases, and design documents. Students in the B.S. in Computer Science and Game Design programme design, prototype, and iterate their projects in a collaborative, deadline-driven environment, helping them develop the communication and team skills necessary to succeed in a real-world studio setting.

Students in the B.S. in Computer Science and Game Design program will concentrate on the following subjects:

  • Core academic courses such as mathematics, physics, computer science (including C, C++, and scripting languages), and the fundamentals of drawing.
  • Game design and development, including game design theory and history, artificial intelligence for games,graphics and animation for designers, game mechanics, and game implementation techniques.
  • Humanities and business courses like world history, English composition, psychology, and product management.

Graduates of the B.S. in Computer Science and Game Design programme will be prepared to seek employment in the video game industry in a variety of entry- and intermediate-level roles, including:

  • Game Designer
  • Software Engineer
  • Content Designer
  • Level Designer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Gameplay Programmer

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DigiPen Institute of Technology
Computer Science and Game Design, BS

Programme Structure

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

Semester 5

Semester 6

Semester 7

Semester 8


DigiPen Institute of Technology
Computer Science and Game Design, BS

Graduates from the following list of Polytechnic Diploma programmes are eligible for credit exemptions in the DigiPen BSCSGD degree programme:


  • Nanyang Polytechnic

1)   Diploma in Digital Entertainment Technology

2)   Diploma in Digital Entertainment Technology (Games)

3)   Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering

4)   Diploma in Electronics, Computer & Communications Engineering

5)   Diploma in Information Technology

6)   Diploma in Engineering Informatics

7)   Diploma in Business Informatics

8)   Diploma in Multimedia & Infocomm Technology

9)   Diploma in Business Enterprise IT


  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic

1)   Diploma Digital Visual Effects

2)   Diploma Engineering Informatics

3)   Diploma Financial Informatics

4)   Diploma Mechanical Engineering

5)   Diploma Multimedia & Animation

6)   Diploma Multimedia Computing

7)   Diploma Network Systems & Security

8)   Diploma Biomedical Engineering

9)  Diploma in Electrical Engineering

10)  Diploma in Electronic & Computer Engineering

11)  Diploma in Enterprise IT Systems

12)  Diploma in Information Technology (Technology option)

13)  Diploma in Information Technology (Computer Studies option)

14)  Diploma in Mobile Business Solutions


  • Republic Polytechnic

1)   Diploma in Digital Entertainment Electronics

2)   Diploma in Information Technology

3)   Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media (Game Development option)

4)   Diploma in Game Design


  • Singapore Polytechnic

1)   Diploma in Aerospace Electronics

2)   Diploma in Biotechnology

3)   Diploma in Computer and Network Technology

4)   Diploma in Digital Media

5)   Diploma in Digital Media and Infocomm Technology

6)   Diploma in Information Technology

7)   Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering

8)   Diploma in Electronics, computers and Communication Engineering

9)   Diploma in Game Design and Development

10)  Diploma in Infocomm Security Management

11)  Diploma in Information Communication Technology

12)  Diploma in Computer Engineering

13)  Diploma in Multimedia and Technology

14)  Diploma in Marine Engineering

15)  Diploma in Mechtronics

16)  Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

17)  Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Electronic and Biomedical)

18)  Diploma in Info-Communication Engieering & Design


  • Temasek Polytechnic

1)   Diploma in Computer Engineering

2)   Diploma in Electronics

3)   Diploma in Info-communication

4)   Diploma in Interactive Media Technology

5)   Diploma in Mechatronics

6)   Diploma in Media & Communication Technology

7)   Diploma in Cyber & Digital Security

8)   Diploma in Game & Entertainment Technology

9)   Diploma in Information Technology

10)  Diploma in Interactive Media Informatics

11)  Diploma in Interactive Media Design

12)  Diploma in Moving Images

13)  Diploma in Mobile & Wireless Computing

14)  Diploma in Internet Computing

15)  Diploma Intelligent Building Technology

16)  Diploma Internet & Multimedia Development

17)  Diploma Communications & Media Management

18)  Diploma Business Process & Systems Engineering

19)  Diploma Business Information Technology

20)  Diploma 3D Interactive Media Technology

21)  Diploma in Digital Forensics


Applicants who are not graduates from a Polytechnic in Singapore, but have completed a formal 12th year education equivalent to A-Levels, are eligible to apply for the following degree programme at SIT.

Overseas University Partner

Degree Programmes

Subject Requirement(s)

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Game Design

  1. A/H2 Mathematics
  2. HL Mathematics
  3. Also see additional requirements for all DigiPen programmes


Credit transfers and duration of studies will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

Students who have relevant post-secondary qualifications may complete DigiPen’s degree programmes within seven semesters. To be eligible for the abridged programme, students must successfully satisfy the following criteria:

    1. The course(s) being evaluated must be taken at a bona fide, legitimate institution recognised and approved by a regulatory authority that oversees the educational system in the country where the institution is. These courses must appear on official transcripts from the institution.  The final decision regarding the transfer credits remains at DigiPen’s discretion.
    2. The course(s) must be comparable in academic quality to DigiPen courses including the number of credits or contact hours. Application will be denied for courses not meeting this standard.
    3. Transfer credit will be considered for courses in which the grade of “B -” or better is recorded. “Credit” or “Pass” grades will not be accepted for transfer credit.
    4. Course(s) transferred to a student’s major may also require a validation examination in order to be accepted.

Actual number of credits may vary from one student to another depending on the individual course work completed. Any course(s) not transferred must be completed within the duration of the programme. 


DigiPen Institute of Technology
Computer Science and Game Design, BS

All students have to complete a 12-week immersion programme at the home campus of DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond.  Students will take classes in Redmond’s summer semester and work with faculty and students from different programmes. The estimated cost for the programme ranges from S$8,000 - S$9,000 (based on prevailing currency exchange rates and flight ticket prices).

redmond campus

Arriving at DigiPen’s Redmond Campus on the First Day (Photo courtesy of Axel Liu)

with sit logo

Come join us over at Redmond Overseas Immersion Programme!  (Photo courtesy of Lee  Chang Yuan)

School Experience

capstone project 2

Pottery Class (Photo courtesy of Axel Liu)

pottery class

DigiPen Playtesting (Photo courtesy of Lee Chang Yuan)

Out of Class Experience

play time 2

Yummy!! Having a full meal at DigiPen Redmond canteen (Photo courtesy of Ng Yuan Li)

It has been an enriching experience for myself and the OIP has given me the experience of working as a team with tight deadlines.
Walter Goh (BFA Sep 2010 student)

I love my time there!
Chastan Victoria Yvette (BAGD Sep 2010 student)



DigiPen Institute of Technology
Computer Science and Game Design, BS 

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Associate Professor Alvin Chan
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Assistant Professor Lim Wee Han
Deputy Programme Director


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