Assistance Schemes

Assistance Schemes

SIT is committed to an admission policy that strives to ensure students (Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents) are not denied admission because of financial difficulties. The Admissions Division administers various financial assistance schemes (FAS) to help meet the educational expense needs of as many eligible students as possible. 

Students who wish to apply for any of the financial assistance schemes need to access the respective application forms via the Student Portal for the application forms. Please note that application for these loans and subsidies must be done within the stipulated deadlines. 

At present, there are very limited financial assistance schemes available for international students. 

Please refer to the Financial Assistance Booklet for an overview of the various way to finance your tuition fees at SIT. 

List of Various Schemes and Application Periods for AY2016/17


By 30 June 2016


Throughout AY2016/17

For Frequently Asked Questions on Assistance Schemes

Updated as at 17 June 2016