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The Culinary Institute of America

Bachelor of Professional Studies in
Culinary Arts Management

Offering the proven curriculum the CIA delivers at its United States campuses, The Culinary Institute of America's Bachelor of Professional Studies in Culinary Arts Management will build students' command of global product knowledge, business skills, and an in-depth understanding of the culinary and catering industries.

The programme will also cover more advanced areas of study such as revenue management and marketing for the foodservice and hospitality industries. Throughout the programme, theoretical components of the programme such as business theory and language lessons will be balanced with the honing of culinary and service skills through hands-on learning and projects in the state-of-the-art kitchens and public restaurants at the CIA's Singapore campus.

Graduates can expect to have a wide range of career options, including executive chef, entrepreneur, hospitality management professional, restaurant and bakery owner, food critic, and much more.

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The Culinary Institute of America 
BPS Culinary Arts Management


As a CIA student, you'll come to understand food in a way that will perfectly complement your previous management studies. You will learn cooking and baking methods, gain leadership skills, and develop an understanding of the business of food that will serve you well in everything you do. You will explore subjects that will broaden your mind and grow your critical thinking skills. Your CIA culinary education will not just change the way you think about food; it will change the way you think about the world.

Highlights of the CIA bachelor’s degree programme:

  • A proven curriculum that gives you well-rounded knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the food profession
  • 1,300-plus hours of hands-on culinary training
  • Front- and back-of-the-house experience in an on-campus public restaurant, in both a casual and formal setting
  • An overseas immersion programme focusing on Food, Wine, and (Agri)culture.


Programme Structure

Junior Year (First Semester)

Junior Year (Second Semester)

Senior Year (First Semester)

Senior Year (Second Semester)



The Culinary Institute of America
BPS Culinary Arts Management

Full-time diplomas awarded by the five local polytechnics in Culinary Catering Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management and Leisure and Resort Management.

Other diploma graduates in hospitality, tourism, culinary management, food science and nutrition may also be considered. Credit transfers and bridging will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

Applicants who are not graduates from a Polytechnic in Singapore, but have completed a formal 12-year education equivalent to A-Levels, are eligible to apply for the following degree programme at SIT.

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Degree Programmes

Subject Requirement(s)

The Culinary Institute of America

Bachelor of Professional Studies in Culinary Arts Management

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The Culinary Institute of America
BPS Culinary Arts Management

AY2014/15 – Fee structure for normal candidature period of study

Year  Semester and Date Possible no. of maximum credits to take per semester
Year 1 Pre-Semester 4 Aug to 22 Aug 2014 Max at 7.5 credits
Semester 1 26 Aug to 5 Dec 2014 Max at 21 credits / 1 top-up module at 1.5 credits
Semester 2  6 Jan to 17 Apr 2015 Max at 24.5 credits
Year 2 Semester 1 27 Apr to 14 Aug 2015 Max at 22 credits
Semester 2  25 Aug to 4 Dec 2015 Max at 18 credits / 2 top-up modules at 6 credits 
Stage 2.2.6*
4 Jan to 13 May 2016
Max at 28.5 credits (top-up modules)


Professional Bridge (NC)
Stage 2.2.7*

30 May to 9 Sep 2016
Externship (3 credits)


Professional Bridge (NC)

*Professional Bridge/Externship/Top-up modules:
i) Students who need to do top-up modules at Stage 2.2.6 will do Externship or Professional Bridge (non-credit bearing) at stage 2.2.7.
ii) Students who do not need to do top-up modules at stage 2.2.6 will do Professional Bridge (non-credit bearing) at stage 2.2.6.

The fees for each semester will be charged based on the following:
Credits < 16 – credit charging applies
16 ≤ credits ≤ 22 – normal semester fees applies
Credits > 22 - normal semester fees + credit charging for additional credits 

Fees will be billed in advance for each semester. Adjustments will be made in the next billing if there should be changes to the number of credits taken in the prevailing semester

Per Semester rate for AY2014-15 (S$)
SC fees                    – 5,875 per semester
SPR fees                  – 11,750 per semester 
IS/unsubsidized fees – 19,350 per semester 

Credit rates for AY2014-15 (S$)
SC credit rate            – 300 per credit
SPR credit rate          – 600 per credit
IS/ unsubsidized rate – 970 per credit

SC: Singapore Citizens
SPR: Singapore Permanent Residents
IS: International Students
NC: Non-credit bearing


1. All amounts quoted are exclusive of GST.
2. For students paying subsidised fees, GST on the tuition fees will be subsidised by MOE.
3. For students paying non-subsidised fees, GST on the tuition fee is to be borne by the student.

Students without relevant diplomas, or a minimum "C" grade in relevant courses for credit transfer will be required to take additional top-up modules in order to complete the required 132-credit programme.

For students admitted to SIT in AY2014/15, the annual tuition fee is fixed at the AY2014/15 rate for the duration of their degree programme.

Financial Assistance (eg. CPF, PSEA, TFL, SL) are available if the necessary criteria are met for the tuition fees. SIT has the discretion to invoice students based on the credit rates accordingly if the financial assistance do not apply.

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The Culinary Institute of America
BPS Culinary Arts Management

Temasek Polytechnic
21 Tampines Avenue 1
Singapore 529757