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Technische Universitat Munchen (Technical University of Munich, TUM) was founded in 1868 by King Ludwig II and is among the highest acclaimed universities in Germany, with a strong profile in science and engineering.

In 2002, the German Institute of Science and Technology - TUM Asia was established in Singapore, marking the first ever expansion overseas by a German university.

Today, TUM comprises 13 faculties covering fundamental and applied research with studies ranging from engineering and natural sciences, including life and medical sciences, to economics, attracting more than 23,300 students annually (about 20 percent of whom come from abroad).

In collaboration with SIT, TUM Asia offers two degree programmes:

TUM has ascribed to the motto of an entrepreneurial university and is engaged in animated dialogue with industrial corporations. With its research collaborations and its innovation and entrepreneurial incubator centres, TUM plays an active part in accelerating the transfer of knowledge and technology to invigorate the industry.

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