All students will have to complete a 4-week attachment at the home campus of Newcastle University where they get to experience life as a student, living and studying in Newcastle, United Kingdom. The programme itinerary will include library and career talks, academic lectures, research and literature review workshops to prepare students for their final-year dissertation projects, as well as visits to companies, museums and key cultural sites.

The estimated cost of the overseas immersion programme ranges from S$4,000 to S$5,000.

Note: Estimated costs are dependent on the prevailing currency exchange rates and flight ticket prices.


nu2013 1
Classmates and the student leaders at the St. James Park dressing room
(Photo courtesy of Teo Hwee Leng)


nu2013 2
Visit our home campus and experience the life of being an overseas student!
(Photo courtesy of Abdul Hakim Bin Johari and Muhammad Faizal Bin Mohamed)


“Having the opportunity to travel halfway across the globe,
the newcastle experience was amazing. Pleasant climate, historic
buildings, lovely English people; it’s really hard for anyone
not wanting to go back again.”
- (Teo Hwee Leng, Class of 2011)